The BeeAlive Team

2013_rj_special_jason_picJason Balletta, President & CEO 

Building The Foundation
When I was 13 years old, my mother Madeline Balletta started BeeAlive® in our home at our kitchen table. She wanted people everywhere to experience the energizing benefits of a precious substance called Royal Jelly.

Realizing that all people want more energy, she started BeeAlive® to make fresh Royal Jelly widely available in the United States. Soon, our family home became “Corporate Headquarters,” and our garage served as the Shipping Department, where I packed and shipped orders each day after school. The experience and knowledge that I have gained, working alongside my Mom and Dad through the years and working in virtually every department of the company, is priceless!

A Shared Passion
My belief is that I have captured my Mom’s vision and passion for BeeAlive®, and I share her values and dedication to providing only the highest quality products and services to our customers. My Mom has always followed three simple rules that have been instilled in me:

• Our products need to be top quality;
• Customer service must be impeccable;
• Employees, customers and vendors should be treated with respect.

BeeAlive® Today
I still follow these teachings today. BeeAlive’s Corporate Headquarters are located in Congers, NY, where we maintain strict oversight and quality control over order fulfillment, customer service, packaging, marketing, and other operational activities. Many of our employees started out as customers and/or have a strong connection to Royal Jelly, which allows them to speak knowledgeably to our customers and build a personal relationship. In 2008, I began to oversee the day-to-day operations of BeeAlive®, and in that same year, I married my wonderful wife, Rose. My vision and enthusiasm for the Company has grown, since the arrival of our beautiful triplets in January, 2010, who I hope will become the third generation of BeeAlive®.

The Next Generation
Now, as President and CEO, I’m proud and honored to have been given the responsibility of taking BeeAlive® to the next level…to see the Company through the years to come, for the new generation. I have watched my Mom and Dad work as a team and I learned that two people working together make it impossible to fail; together they are a great team. Moving on to the next generation with my wife Rose on board, we hope to continue that tradition. With the two of us working together toward a common goal, along with the entire BeeAlive® family, there is nothing we cannot achieve.


MadelineBallettaMadeline Balletta, Founder

Over 33 years ago, when I was a young mom with two small children, I woke up one day feeling more tired than usual and it just seemed to linger. It seemed like I could no longer properly care for my family or myself and I found myself pushing my kids off more and more on their grandparents. I spoke to everyone about it and I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work until a friend told me about the importance of good nutrition and a natural substance from the beehive called Royal Jelly.

After taking Royal Jelly for a few months, along with eating a healthy diet, I began to really see a difference… I was feeling better than ever! I had more energy, stamina and vitality! I was feeling great! Everyone around me was noticing the difference, particularly my husband and my kids! That was the first time I ever realized that good nutrition and natural supplements can play a major role in how we feel every day. And knowing that people everywhere go through times when they feel run down and tired, especially in this fast-paced world, I knew that God led me to this marvelous food substance so that I could help them.

From that day forward, I’ve dedicated my life to learning as much as I could about nutrition and helping people energize their lives…helping them get the benefits of Royal Jelly to feel great! That’s when I started BeeAlive®!