President & CEO Jason Balletta’s Message

Royal Jelly has been widely used for many years throughout the world as a SUPER FOOD for its energizing benefits!One of the reasons Royal Jelly is so precious is it can’t be duplicated in a laboratory; it can only be hand harvested from beehives in very minute amounts. In more ancient times, Royal Jelly’s use was limited to people of royalty or great wealth, because it simply wasn’t available. While Royal Jelly is no less precious today, it is more widely available because of advances in the science of bee keeping and cultivation of Royal Jelly. At BeeAlive®, we only use fresh Royal Jelly in our products — straight from the bee hive — it’s not freeze-dried like most other brands. We believe that using fresh Royal Jelly makes our products superior.

Imagine what Royal Jelly can do for you!


See why I love it and so many others do, too!

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