Ever since our founder, Madeline Balletta retired, so many customers have asked about her.  For many years Madeline, the girl from the Bronx, has been the voice of BeeAlive on Radio, TV and Print.  With a passion and love for Royal Jelly she wanted to share with the world how Royal Jelly changed her life. Madeline continued to grow her company from her tiny garage in her house to a 3 story building with over 200 employees!

Now that Madeline has retired she is still such an integral part of BeeAlive.  Her son Jason Balletta, CEO and President and her daughter, Lori Balletta, COO have taken the business and Madeline’s vision even further, and Madeline is still a key part.  She visits a few times a year and makes sure to spend time with all the employees, most that have been with BeeAlive for over 30 years.  She also loves to hear about our customers and how Royal Jelly has changed their lives!



A few months ago Madeline, Jason and Lori decided to put together some amazing, inspirational and educational videos of Madeline for all our social media followers.  In the past Madeline always recorded tapes and videos to send to her customers.  Now with the great technology of today it is so easy to do.

That being said, we like to introduce Madeline’s you tube channel!  Click on the link below to see more of Madeline: 

Click here for Madeline Balletta Youtube Channel

Now you can hear Messages from Madeline, anytime you want!