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RHODIOLA PLUS – Rhodiola plus Eleuthero, Schisandra & Honey

Enhances Mental and Physical Performance and helps achieve a positive mood everyday.
Helps maintain concentration, enhance memory, and focus which increases physical and mental work capacity.
Supports healthy adrenal function and enhances endurance under stress – Promotes restful sleep.*

Product Description

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Rhodiola is a perennial plant with yellow, fragrant flowers that grows at high altitudes in Europe and Asia, including eastern Siberia. Clinical studies confirming Rhodiola’s biological benefits have appeared in the scientific literature in many countries, where it has been identified as an adaptogen.
BeeAlive® is proud to offer our RHODIOLA PLUS formula, which also contains other highly regarded adaptogenic herbs, Eleuthero and Schisandra. Supported by a wealth of science to positively affect multiple body systems, we consider the benefits of this product to be an essential addition to a healthy lifestyle.

The Rhodiola Secret
Rhodiola was kept secret in Russia for exclusive use by Cosmonauts, Olympians and the KGB to give them an edge and help them cope with stressful situations. Modern scientific research on Rhodiola began in the 1960’s in the former Soviet Union. Rhodiola was relatively unknown in the West until the early 1990’s when Russia fell. Results of more than 40 years of Soviet and European research into the benefits of Rhodiola support its use for physical stamina, mental health and increasing work capacity while supporting the body during extreme stress.*


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